Worth it

October 13, 2013

In the first video, Original Banksy’s sold on the sidewalk of New York, there is a sweet looking old man sitting in front of a wire-tri fold and just waiting for people to pass by and buy what he is selling. Not even the innocence’s that the old man has can convince the busy people of New York to stop by his stand and buy what he is selling.

Now for the twist that comes from what the older man is selling, he was hired by Banksy to sell his own original work, yes, his own work that he doesn’t have available to the public, for $60 dollars. Knowing it’s a Banksy would definitely have influenced more the people that went by the stand to buy the canvas and probably resell them to make more money than they got the canvas for. In total, there was only seven of the canvas sold even after a mom haggled two of them with a total amount sold being $420.

October 2013

A week after the original Banksy canvas were being sold, there were Fake Banksy’s being sold for the same price of the originals ($60 dollars) by artists Dave Cicirelli and Lance Pilgrim. The person selling them, Michael Pilgrim, would let the onlookers know that they were fake Banksy’s that were being sold. Yes, the replicas did look exactly like the originals which of course how they wouldn’t since Banksy uses a stencil for their work. But what does surprise me from the two experiences is that the first time around only three people stopped to purchase Banksy’s work without being told that they were their work. They either knew deep down that the similarities were uncanny, or they did enjoy the canvases. While the second time around with the Fake Banksy’s everyone, seemed as if everyone crossing by, was stopping at the table to either look at the paintings, take pictures of it or to even purchase the canvases. Still boggles my mind on how these people paid for the $60 dollars getting a fake than a real Banksy. With the first time the Banksy’s were being sold, the older man was there for a full seven hours to make the $420 he did, while the second time around the fakes were sold within the first hour.

Few questions that I can’t stop thinking about is did the fact of their being the words Banksy anywhere near the canvases influence the pedestrians to stop? Or are the people just actors to show how easily people can post lies online while making it look real? Of was it because it was a very touristy day that is why there were more people willing to pay for the canvas?
I’m probably just over thinking the videos, but I refer to the title of the article, is it worth it to pay the same $60 dollars you could have payed to get an original to get the fake or even using those same $60 dollars to buy the supplies to make it yourself?

The power that an artist recognition has to influence art sells.